Shelter Box Donations

We are in the process of raising funds to send a shelter box to one of the many areas where disasters have stricken and left people homeless. Please help us. Shelter boxes cost $1,000 each. The Greater Vergennes Rotary members have committed to funding one shelter box. We would like to invite all our friends far and wide to make a donation so we can send another shelter box to those in need.

Never heard of a shelter box? A shelter box is a kit assembled based on the needs of the specific area. The box pictured to the right is one self contained kit.

Shelter Box Image
Here is a sample of what they can contain:

Shelter Box Image

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Pete Kellerman from the Graham Shelter

We want to thank Pete Kellerman, Senior Case Manager at the John Graham Shelter, for coming to update the Greater Vergennes Rotary members about their efforts and needs.

Pete helped us to understand how much we take for granted. Its the "simple things that make a big difference" in many of the lives they touch. Those thing that we often forget about and take for granted can have a profound affect on others.

The work they do at the Graham Shelter is not just to provide emergency or temporary housing but to provide the assistance individuals and families need to get past the difficulty's that brought them there and to succeed in life.

As far as items the shelter needs... Sheets and towels are always a need, and currently some sturdy dining table chairs would be welcomed.

We also want to extend our gratitude to the staff at the Graham Shelter for their care and concern of others. Thank You!

You can visit them on the web at:
Or on Facebook at: