• Regular Meeting, Oct 258th, 2016
    Meeting Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016
    Invocation: Father Yvon Royer
    Rotary Minute: Mary McKinnon
    Song: Tim Vincent

    James Weening

Rotary District 7850 Governor Jay Polimeno

The picture above is from our 9/20/2016 meeting and President Susan Burdick presented District Governor Jay Polimeno with a club shirt.

The Vergennes Rotary is part of a much larger group international group. See http://Rotary.org for more about Rotary.

District 7850 is our home within Rotary International. Our district started with 26 clubs in 1926 and now has forty (40) clubs with twenty-three clubs in Vermont, eleven in New Hampshire, four in Quebec, one that spans the USA-Canada border, and one that spans the Vermont-New Hampshire border.

Our District Governor Jay Polimeno visited us this week and gave a good presentation of sustainability. That's not an environmental concern but a physical one relating to membership and our future.
See http://www.rotary7850.org/ for more about our district.

Thanks Jay for your hard work and encouragement.

Jay also broke the news here first that the 2019-2020 district governor would be Richard Fox. Congratulations Richard. We look forward to your continued assistance as our assistant governor until then.

Alaska Slide Show

Native Cultures

We want to than Tim for giving us a great presentation. He had lots of pictures from his recent trip to Alaska where he went to visit his daughter.
He gave us a little history and showed us some beautiful views of the Alaskan country side. Thanks again Tim.

Josh Brooks visits Vergennes Rotary

Singer/Songwriter Josh Brooks visited us today and graced us with stories and laughter and music. Seven days called josh the Johnny Cash of Vermont. He has 5 CD's that have been published and has just come back of a year rest due to strained vocal cords.

We had a great time listening to Josh and were sure you will too!

Check him out at https://www.facebook.com/joshbrooksmusic/

Check out his opening song here...

August 2nd Visitor

Our speaker today was Kerry Kurt. Kerry owns and runs Sentinel Farm which is where she also runs the Unbound Grace riding academy program for youth. This program is open to all youth not just those with addiction issues or suffering for a difficult personal situation. The program is an arts, agriculture, and equestrian summer camp that gives confidence building through physical activity and helps develop problem solving skills. It is a day camp that allows youth to spend a week on a farm. being responsible for farm duties plus learning to ride a horse. Sentinel Farm also raises and sells grass-fed beef. For more information go to their website www.unboundgrace.org

in the picture above she was sharing an artists rendering of what her completed farm will look like.

Our July 26th Meeting

Bob Donnis and Jessica Doos visited our club as representatives of Addison County Committee on Opiate Addiction. They also brought Kerry Kurt along with them. She runs the Unbound Grace program that helps our youth who face many challenges due families with addiction problems. Sofie (the labradoodle) also made sure they felt at home.

They brought awareness of the collaborative efforts focused on the problem of addiction in our county. Also sharing a list of items that are common in most homes that can lead to opiate addiction.

See more at http://addictionhelpvt.com/ and also at http://healthvermont.gov/adap/treatment/opioids/

Notable Days in August

There's a day for everything!


July thru Dec Overall Schedule

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Meeting on July 19th, 2016

We want to thank Vergennes Police Chief (and fellow Rotarian) George Merkel for a great presentation. In light of the tragic events that have taken place around the country the Chief explained what it takes to become a police officer here. The amount of training they go through is tremendous. Thankfully we have good officers here who are conscientious and doing their job in the best way. Chief also explained that after each encounter they have the review it to make sure they all handled things properly. With this kind of attention the Vergennes Police Department is serving our community with pride.

Visit Vergennes webpage at http://vergennes.org/government/departments/

We have interesting speakers each week so feel free to visit us on a Tuesday morning to have a great breakfast and start your day off with a little inspiration.

Meeting on July 12th

Anne Galloway

We want to thank Anne Galloway for taking time out of her busy schedule and coming to our meeting and sharing with us how VT Digger started. Also, how does she break stories before anyone knows? Its simple really. Keep your ear to the ground. Being in the business for many years you develop contacts. Listen to everything and sift through till you see a string to pull on and then keep pulling. That's how she got wind of the recent EB-5 fraud 3 years before the proverbial $hit hit the fan. Thanks again Anne and keep up the good work.

Visit VT Digger at http://vtdigger.org/

We have interesting speakers each week so feel free to visit us on a Tuesday morning to have a great breakfast and start your day off with a little inspiration.


Each year the Vergennes Rotary Club supports many local charities as well as local efforts to improve the greater community and the people who live here. In order for us to do that, we hold several fund raisers throughout the year. One of our biggest is our ‘Jail and Bail’ event. It is a fun event that is taking place this year on Thursday June 2nd between 11AM and 2PM on the Vergennes Green. Here is how it works. Each Rotarian will be arresting some friends, enemies, family, politicians and/or co-workers. These jail birds will receive a warrant of arrest and will need to contact their friends, family and/or co-workers in order to raise a minimum of $200 in bail money! Bail money may be collected ahead of time or during the event. If you are a lucky jailee you can direct people to the PayPal button below this article to pay toward your Bail. We will also accept checks made payable to Vergennes Rotary Club Charities.

All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Vergennes Rotary Charities and our commitments to support: a healthy snack program for the Vergennes Boys and Girls Club, Purple Hearts Reunited and college or technical school scholarships to 6 high school graduates each year. Our club is a registered 501 C (3) charitable non-profit entity, tax ID # 55-0798733, so your donation is tax deductible.

We would love for you to join us in this fund raiser and help us make it a success. Contact a Rotarian or come to the Vergennes Green on the day of the event and you too can plead your case to our judge and enjoy lunch on us while you post your bail. If you are unable to be there, you may participate remotely.

Bail For: