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Vergennes, Vermont

Native Cultures

We want to than Tim for giving us a great presentation. He had lots of pictures from his recent trip to Alaska where he went to visit his daughter.
He gave us a little history and showed us some beautiful views of the Alaskan country side. Thanks again Tim.

Our speaker today was Kerry Kurt. Kerry owns and runs Sentinel Farm which is where she also runs the Unbound Grace riding academy program for youth. This program is open to all youth not just those with addiction issues or suffering for a difficult personal situation. The program is an arts, agriculture, and equestrian summer camp that gives confidence building through physical activity and helps develop problem solving skills. It is a day camp that allows youth to spend a week on a farm. being responsible for farm duties plus learning to ride a horse. Sentinel Farm also raises and sells grass-fed beef. For more information go to their website

in the picture above she was sharing an artists rendering of what her completed farm will look like.

Bob Donnis and Jessica Doos visited our club as representatives of Addison County Committee on Opiate Addiction. They also brought Kerry Kurt along with them. She runs the Unbound Grace program that helps our youth who face many challenges due families with addiction problems. Sofie (the labradoodle) also made sure they felt at home.

They brought awareness of the collaborative efforts focused on the problem of addiction in our county. Also sharing a list of items that are common in most homes that can lead to opiate addiction.

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We want to thank Vergennes Police Chief (and fellow Rotarian) George Merkel for a great presentation. In light of the tragic events that have taken place around the country the Chief explained what it takes to become a police officer here. The amount of training they go through is tremendous. Thankfully we have good officers here who are conscientious and doing their job in the best way. Chief also explained that after each encounter they have the review it to make sure they all handled things properly. With this kind of attention the Vergennes Police Department is serving our community with pride.

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We have interesting speakers each week so feel free to visit us on a Tuesday morning to have a great breakfast and start your day off with a little inspiration.

Anne Galloway

We want to thank Anne Galloway for taking time out of her busy schedule and coming to our meeting and sharing with us how VT Digger started. Also, how does she break stories before anyone knows? Its simple really. Keep your ear to the ground. Being in the business for many years you develop contacts. Listen to everything and sift through till you see a string to pull on and then keep pulling. That's how she got wind of the recent EB-5 fraud 3 years before the proverbial $hit hit the fan. Thanks again Anne and keep up the good work.

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We have interesting speakers each week so feel free to visit us on a Tuesday morning to have a great breakfast and start your day off with a little inspiration.


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