November 2013

Vergennes Rotary Supports Local Meals on Wheels Program

Throughout Vermont, the Meals and Wheels program serves a vital function, connecting seniors with a nourishing meal and a friendly face five times a week. The Champlain Valley Agency on Aging, located in Essex Junction, administers the overall program but depends on local support to manage the scheduling, drivers and meal delivery.

In Vergennes, those local responsibilities are fulfilled by the Rotary Club of Vergennes. Rotary’s involvement started when the local coordinator moved out of town in 2002 and Rotarians Ralph Jackman and Lynn Jackson Donnelly stepped in to take on these important Meals on Wheels functions.

The use of technology now allows Lynn, her sister and Rotarian Susan Burdick and fellow realtor Danelle Birong to smoothly handle the logistics of scheduling and routing from their Century 21 office. Fellow Rotarian Tim Vincent works diligently to ensure that Meals on Wheels has the required number of drivers each day and that the routes are completed. Tim trains new drivers and arranges for substitutes when needed.

The Vergennes program also serves residents in the four neighboring communities of Ferrisburgh, Addison, Waltham and Panton. There are four routes each week day, and the number of participants ranges from 25-30. Rotary has always provided drivers for the program but it is not a requirement that a driver be a Rotarian, just a helpful, friendly visitor.

“What’s so gratifying is our clients usually don’t have a hot meal. And this may be the only company they have throughout the week,” said Lynn. “It’s not only a meal,” she continued, “It’s a safety check for our seniors.”

The Vergennes Rotary Club is proud to serve the community to provide this invaluable service. We consider Meals on Wheels to be one of our most valuable service projects and encourage other Rotary Clubs to become involved either in providing volunteer drivers, administering the local program or donating to a statewide effort.


Vergennes Rotary Club receives two Grants for Greater Vergennes Area Boys and Girls Club

Last year when the federal funding to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes was cut from $100,000 to $30,000; the Vergennes Rotary Club stepped in and began sponsoring the after school snack program for the 20 to 30 pre-teen and teenagers who attend the B&G Club program and often come hungry, depending on a nutritious snack to keep them from going away hungry. According to Executive Director, Mike Reiderer, enrollment is up in part, because teens know they will get something to eat at the club. The Vergennes Rotary Club is thrilled to be able to address this pressing and dramatic need in our community by providing money to buy healthy food for the B&G club participants. The B&G club is able to continue this important program not only because of the fundraisers that the Vergennes Rotary Club does locally but because of two grants that they received from two generous non-profit organizations. The Rotary Foundation District Grant program awarded Vergennes Rotary a $2000 grant and Vermont Catholic Charities, through the DesGoesbriand Appeal, provided a $1500 grant. Vergennes Rotary would like to publicly thank these organizations for their help and support. You, too, can get involved. Consider joining Vergennes Rotary or making a donation. Click on the donate button today and Like us on Facebook!

Vergennes Rotary Club promotes two Holiday Programs to help the Community

This holiday season the Vergennes Area Rotary Club is promoting two programs to brighten up the community with lights and action! First, we are challenging both the Vergennes home and business owners to brighten up their home and store fronts with decorations that will not only light up the city but the faces of young and old alike. Everyone in the ‘Little City’ is invited to participate in this holiday decorating contest. There will be one winner from each category chosen. Judging will be conducted Sat. December 22nd. Winners will be notified and prizes given for the best of show. The business winner will receive a $100 donation to a charity of their choice. The private residence winner will receive a $50 of Vergennes Green $. Don’t miss out on the fun. Entrants must register to enter. Simply email or call: ; 877-2134 with your name and address. Good Luck!

Their second program promotes ‘neighbors helping neighbors’. This drive is an effort to raise funds to help some of the needier families in our area enjoy a bountiful holiday dinner. Rotary Club members will be having a holiday raffle giving away 17 great gifts, including a kindle fire, the newest American girl doll, child’s John Deere tractor farm set, toy barns w/animals to name just a few! Gifts are on display at Classic Stitching on Main St. Vergennes. All the proceeds will go directly to the program. Buy some chances and support your neighbor.



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