Vergennes Rotary Club receives two Grants for Greater Vergennes Area Boys and Girls Club

Last year when the federal funding to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes was cut from $100,000 to $30,000; the Vergennes Rotary Club stepped in and began sponsoring the after school snack program for the 20 to 30 pre-teen and teenagers who attend the B&G Club program and often come hungry, depending on a nutritious snack to keep them from going away hungry. According to Executive Director, Mike Reiderer, enrollment is up in part, because teens know they will get something to eat at the club. The Vergennes Rotary Club is thrilled to be able to address this pressing and dramatic need in our community by providing money to buy healthy food for the B&G club participants. The B&G club is able to continue this important program not only because of the fundraisers that the Vergennes Rotary Club does locally but because of two grants that they received from two generous non-profit organizations. The Rotary Foundation District Grant program awarded Vergennes Rotary a $2000 grant and Vermont Catholic Charities, through the DesGoesbriand Appeal, provided a $1500 grant. Vergennes Rotary would like to publicly thank these organizations for their help and support. You, too, can get involved. Consider joining Vergennes Rotary or making a donation. Click on the donate button today and Like us on Facebook!